Action Zone Bingo - Lotto

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Age 4 +

Action Zone Bingo - Lotto

Get ready for an exciting game of chance. Gather some friends, pick a lucky card and grab some counters to get set for a game of Bingo! Spin your lucky numbers out of the bingo ball and if the number is on your card, cover it with a counter, first to get five in a row wins a line! First to get all the numbers on the card wins and calls 'HOUSE'


48 x Bingo Cards

100 x Covering Chips

90 x Numbered Bingo Balls

1 x Bingo Ball Dispenser

Great for all ages, starting from those young children to those more mature adults, grandmas and grandpas, everyone loves a game of Lotto! . Perfect to pass time on a rainy day. Pickup a bingo machine today and get excited with your lucky numbers!


Not for children under 3 years

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